Almie + Jed


Almie + Jed

Photography by Ro Ducay

about JED

Before she entered my life, my life only knew black and white. I had no sense of adventure whatsoever. As a busy student then, it was an endless cycle of sleep, work, and study. I never dared step out of the loop to risk my time to try new things. Little did I know she held the brush that would add color to my life. She was the complete opposite of me - she absolutely loved stepping out of what I realize was a boring loop just to try new things. Eventually I’ve done more outdoor activities like hiking and snorkeling, I’ve expanded my taste buds by trying new places to eat, and I even got a chance to travel out of the country! Even though life gets busy, she taught me to just breathe, sit back and to just enjoy every single moment that life throws at you because those are times we can never take back. This is why I love her so much

about ALMIE

When I moved to Hawaii, I had no idea that I was about to meet the love of my life. When I first met Jed, I was going through a time where I was trying to “find myself”. I wanted to try new things and explore what the world had to offer. Little did I know, I would meet someone who I could do this with for the rest of my life. One of the many things that I love about Jed is his faith and fear for God. It is something I always admired and is something I know will carry on, not only as we grow old, but to our future family as well. Throughout our relationship, Jed has always been understanding and supportive. I’ve always admired his positive outlook on life, and how genuine he can be. This is why I love him so much.



We first met after a worship service for church.

Levie, a mutual friend of ours, formally introduced us. Our first time meeting each other was quite short, however, we got to know each other more at a Children’s Movie Night for church the next week after that. We spent that whole night talking about our major in college, our hobbies, and our family. The connection and the chemistry we felt during that one night was so strong. After that night, we continued to communicate with each through text, and eventually through phone calls.

After a month or so, we finally went on our first date at Genki Sushi… The rest is history :)




Jed proposed at one of the Ko’Olina Lagoons on December 24th on the Island of Oahu.

With the help of Jed’s family, Almie’s sister - Alyssa, and one of their very good friends - Rocelle, they went to the lagoon hours before to help set up for the proposal. Jed and Almie already had plans to watch the sunset at Ko’Olina because it was on their “to-do list” before Jed headed back to Washington for work.

That day, Almie was at a friend’s house setting up for an activity for church. At around 5 pm Jed picked her up and off they went to the Ko’Olina Lagoons. Once they arrived, Almie and Jed walked around the area and watched the sunset. After watching the sunset, they headed back to the car. Jed then told Almie that he had to use the ‘restroom’. Little did Almie know, Jed left to the beach to prepare for the “proposal”.

While waiting impatiently, Almie noticed Jed’s brother Daniel walk by. Daniel then gave Almie one of the letters that Jed wrote for her and led her to the next destination.

On the way to the shore, Almie came across Rocelle, Kaye, Jed’s mom, and Alyssa - all holding a letter Jed had written for Almie. Eventually, Almie finally reached Jed by the shore. On the sand were petals shaped into a heart and standing right in the middle of heart was Jed.

Almie then walked towards Jed as he knelt down and asked “The Question”.

And after that… Well.. I’m sure you all know what her response was…. :) 


Watch this moment unfold here...

Videography by Daniel Legaspi


Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our Wedding

Sunday • August 7th, 2016
4:00 p.m.



Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel in Shoreline
14800 1st Ave NE
Shoreline, WA 98155




The Great Hall at Greenlake
7220 Woodlawn Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115


Our Wedding Party

Our Wedding Party

the Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Alyssa is Almie’s younger sister, who is also known as her partner-in-crime or “face-the-wall” buddy. Growing up, they would get into a lot of trouble and would face punishment together. Till this day they still talk about it and reminisce of all the crazy times they had when they were kids. Alyssa is 22-years-old and is living in Virginia. She is currently going through AIT for the Army. 



Kaye is 23-years-old and is studying to be a teacher at the University of Hawaii who dreams of owning a pembroke corgi someday :) She is Jed’s younger sister and one of Almie’s very close friends. They both met at a Children’s Movie Night for church. They share the same interests such as their love for Audrey Hepburn, their love for teaching, and having similar fashion tastes. Till this day they are homies! 



Alona is 19-years-old and is currently living in South Korea. She is one of Almie’s younger sisters. They both love to go shopping together and try on make up! Despite being younger, Alona is someone Almie will go to for advice. Alona is currently an English tutor and teaches Korean children English.  



Aleah is 16-years-old is also currently living in South Korea. She is the youngest in Almie’s family, and will always be seen as the “baby” of the family. She is currently enrolled in Pyeongtaek American High School in South Korea and is in her school’s ROTC program. After she graduates from high school Aleah plans to join the military.


Best Man

Leandr is one of Jed’s many cousins. He was basically the older brother that Jed never had. He disciplined and taught a great deal of morals to Jed during his childhood and Jed still looks up to him till this day. He is all about defending the rights and safety of others even if it means putting his very life on the line. He is currently a Staff Sergeant serving in the US Army and is also a respected police officer in the Hawaii Police Department. 



Daniel is Jed’s 17-year-old younger brother who loves to try new things. He’s really a jack of all trades who has interests in photography, music, biking, cars, computer games, and anything else you can think of, he’ll give it a shot. Although eight years apart, and at different stages in life, Daniel and Jed still bond as if they were the same age. Daniel will soon be graduating high school and will continue his education in Digital Media.



Bryce is of the first persons Jed met when he moved to Washington for the first time. Bryce and his family was kind enough to accommodate Jed to their home. He is the definition of randomness and comedy who never fails to put smiles and laughter on people's’ faces. He’s also like another brother to Jed. He is soon to graduate from the University of Washington in Digital Media.



Roland is one of the good friends that Almie introduced to Jed. A quiet yet humble man earned him a ton of respect by others. He is also a laid back person who just likes to hang out with company. With his love for photography, he was also willing and able to capture some awesome shots of Almie and Jed. He is currently living in Hawaii and is serving in the US Air Force.


Watch their engagement slideshow here...