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Christina + Johnathan


Christina + Johnathan

Photography by Ro Ducay


I Have to Admit It's Getting Better.

Every day since I have gotten to know Christina my life has gotten better and felt more fulfilled. From when we first dated, people would remark about how my face would light up from just a text message from her. Nothing has changed since then. Before I met Christina I was kind of just floating through life. Now with her in my life I feel more purpose and excitement. She has truly made me a better man, and I know our love will grow forever. Things that used to upset me and cause me stress seem so trivial now that I have her to talk to, and realize what's truly important in life. Since she's been in my life it really has been getting better all the time.

Prior to getting to know Christina I never knew how much I needed someone like her in my life. I sincerely don't know what I was doing prior to having her in my life. We are the kind of people who don't normally believe in true love, but more and more I'm finding myself believing that there has to be a reason she's in my life. I want to tell you that it's hard to put into words what it is that draws me to her, but it's something extraordinary. Whether it's her good nature, warm heart, kindness, service to others, unconditional love, support, smile, or in the ways she moves :) I always find myself wanting to know more about this beautiful person who I have the fortune of calling my wife.


Johnathan is the answer to my specific prayers on what type of man I believed would complement my stubborn, silly and slightly dramatic personality. I asked God for a husband who was calm but goofy, a solid rock when I was stressed, and overall – he needed to be head over heels for me. Johnathan is all of these and so much more. Who would have known that a man like that actually existed? I had given up.

At the beginning, I had a hard time accepting Johnathan’s sweet gifts, compliments, and loving comments. To my surprise, he accepted the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family, even though we had gone on only a few dates. I had moments of closing off and pushing him away, but he never gave up pursuing me. After a couple months of dating, Johnathan got orders to transfer to Hawaii in the summer and I got accepted to a graduate program at Seattle U. I panicked. Johnathan continued to affirm his love for me. I shared with him my high marriage expectations, including asking my mom and grandpa for permission and going through premarital counseling. He agreed without hesitation. I am constantly grateful for and amazed at Johnathan’s steadfast love. Though an ocean separates us for the time being, Johnathan has a way to make me feel loved all the way from Hawaii to Seattle. He encourages me to go after my dreams and supports me through every hardship. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives reciprocating that love and trying to be the best wife for him, because he deserves nothing less.


We met through an online dating site. It was Veteran’s Day, and we both had the day off. After talking together for about two hours, Johnathan decided to ask Christina to dinner that night. Christina agreed and wanted to show up fashionably late, but did not take into account rush hour traffic, and unintentionally made Johnathan wait for over half an hour.

Johnathan was hesitant, and almost left before Christina arrived. Thankfully, as Johnathan was getting ready to walk out the door, Christina ran in.

After the rocky start to the evening, we sat down and enjoyed a great meal together. Johnathan was a little too quiet, and Christina was what he would call a little too intrusive for a first date, but we still enjoyed each other’s company. After the meal was over, we walked out into the cold. Johnathan noticed that Christina had parked far away and in a sketchy area. He offered to walk her to her car and she gladly accepted. Once at the car, he asked her if she would see him again, and to his delight she said yes.

That is the story of how we met.



The proposal started with us taking Christina’s family to a Sounders FC game, where Johnathan asked Christina’s mother and grandfather for permission to marry her. They gave him their permission with one caveat, that Christina had to be able to finish her master’s program and that the wedding wouldn't interfere with her studies. He agreed and started to work on the proposal.

We had talked about getting married before and looked at rings together, but Johnathan still wanted the proposal to be a surprise. He came up with a plan to propose to her at one of our first dates. After a day out with her family, Johnathan told Christina that he wanted to take her somewhere special. We drove to the Point Defiance Zoo, where we had our fourth date. Johnathan parked his car at the top of a trail, and told Christina that he wanted to take a photo of the two of them for his mother. Meanwhile, Johnathan had a friend waiting with her camera at the predetermined location to capture the special moment. Once they got to the location, Johnathan got down on one knee and proposed. Christina was completely taken aback and a bit emotional, but accepted without hesitation.

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Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our Wedding

Saturday • August 6th, 2016
4:30 p.m.


Ceremony & Reception

Premiere on Pine's The Revue
1525 9th Avenue, Floor 40
Seattle, WA 98101


Please RSVP by June 15th. 


The light rail Westlake Station stops at 4th & Pine, 5 blocks away from the venue.


The venue does not have parking, but there are public parking lots located nearby.  Pacific Place at 6th & Pine has great parking.

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Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

With the hassle of moving everything to Hawaii, we would appreciate monetary gifts for our wedding.
For your convenience, please click the link below.


Thank you so much.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.