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Christina + Tanuj


Christina + Tanuj

Photography by Ro Ducay

my tanuj

I knew Tanuj was "The One" when I went on a ride-a-long with him on our 3rd date and I stayed the entire 12 hour shift and he didn't kick me out.

my christina

I knew Christina was "The One" when Christina would drive 40 minutes (30 if you drive like me) to see me at work for my coffee breaks and I'd always have to leave after 5 minutes, but she kept coming to see me.



I first "met" Tanuj at Mike's wedding. Mike is one of Tanuj's best friends and like a brother to me, because his sister Danielle is one of my best friends. I was sitting toward the front of the wedding by Mike's family when Tanuj, the best man, started walking down the aisle. I IMMEDIATELY wanted to find out who he was and more about him. We were briefly introduced that night; and even though I had my eye on him, it was so brief that I don't even remember actually meeting him! Tanuj swears it happened though!

Fast forward several months, I was talking to Danielle and Mike, and told Mike to put in a good word for me. It wouldn't be until another month until all of our schedules finally matched and we went on a group bowling date. A week after our group outing, Tanuj finally got the nerve to ask me out just the two of us. We decided to keep things casual and meet at Starbucks. Anyone who knows me knows I don't drink coffee, so when he asked me what I wanted to drink, I ordered an apple cider. Confused, he asked me if I was sure I didn't want coffee, and I told him no thanks, and that I didn't drink coffee. His follow-up question: "Why did we come to a coffee shop? We could have met somewhere else you would have enjoyed!" And I told him the honest truth..."Because you asked me to coffee!"

Several days after "coffee", we went on our first REAL date which lasted 6 hours and included dinner, dessert, a movie...and then another movie because we didn't want the night to end. From then on, we talked daily and met at least twice a week; he even took me on a ride-a-long so I got to see him in action! Lucky for me, he put in amazing effort to see me and continue to get to know me despite both of us having very busy work schedules...and the rest is history!



the proposal


Tanuj had several different ideas on how to propose, but due to weather, schedule changes, or my own stubbornness, it happened on a unsuspecting day this Spring 2016. The week leading up to the proposal, he kept asking me if I wanted go on a hike, and I kept shutting him down because I wanted to sleep in!

Friday after work, I stayed the night at my parents house in Federal Way, and planned to be back in Tacoma by the evening to prepare for my 5:30am wake-up call for work on Sunday. It was May 21st, and I only had one prior day off since the month energy level on that day: total exhaustion. Tanuj asked if I could come to Tacoma early because he was doing some work down there and wanted to go on a walk by the water.

Living on Ruston way, this was common for us to go on walks down there. We usually walk towards Point Defiance but on this day, he wanted the opposite direction. There were various points when he kept saying, "this looks like a great spot to take a picture" and I remember replying with "I'm so tired, lets take it on the way back!" We finally got to a place on the waterfront that had a bench and log in the distance. He told me to get on the log so he could take a picture, as he was setting it up, he mentioned his phone was on a 30 second timer so we had plenty of time (little did I know he was filming the proposal).

He began to take his jacket off, and as he was pulling his hand out of the sleeve, his hand got stuck because of the ring box. As I was trying to figure out what was going on, he got down on one knee and asked If I would marry him and of course, I said yes!

Christina&Tanuj-Engagement-Vintage-19 EDITED.jpg

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our Wedding

Thursday • August 31st, 2017
5:00 p.m.


Ceremony & reception

The Golf Club at Newcastle
15500 Six Penny Lane
Newcastle, WA 98059



The Holiday Inn
1801 12th Avenue Northwest
Issaquah, WA 98027
 (4 miles from Newcastle)

Mention the Wong-Soni Wedding when making reservations on the phone

Christina&Tanuj-Engagement-Original-133 EDITED.jpg

Our Wedding Party

Our Wedding Party


Maid of Honor
Danielle Yellam

Caitlin Robertson
Annie Kihara
Stephenie Tornberg
Monique Stamschror
Candace Pierce
Sinae Hong
Sarina Perera
Palvi Soni



Michael Yellam

Louis Lanthier
Chris Grove
Kamal Kishore
Ravi Kumar
Peyush Soni
Dillon Perera
Alex Hinkle
Teddy Spicer
Risham Tung

Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry