Kelly + Elliot


Kelly + Elliot

Photography by Ro Ducay


A- Adventurer.  Kelly has been able to travel to Europe, Zambia, and India.   After she said "YES", I asked her if she wanted to explore Seattle on a Sea Plane.  Without hesitation she was excited for our first adventure as an engaged couple flying high up in the blue sky.  I can't wait to go on many adventures with her all around the world.                                                            

M - Mother potential.  I was so blown away by how much she is involved in the lives of her friends children. I had the best surprise during my lunch break when she brought Nathaniel and Hannah to my job.  Their precious smiles were an indication of how happy they were to be with aunty Kelly.  I know our children will be well loved by their mommy (and daddy).   

A - Attractive.  True example of beauty inside and out.  I often get lost gazing into her gorgeous eyes.  She enjoys wearing makeup and doing her hair to look her best.  She also takes great care of her body by doing regular exercise.   

Z - Zeal.  Her energy and enthusiasm for all areas of her life is why she has been successful.  Working with her on projects has been so fun (like our wedding) and when I'm feeling tired, she helps me feel better.  Like when I was working a long stretch of nights, she came over and made delicious baked chicken enchiladas that we enjoyed together.  Being with her has made medical residency a much more enjoyable experience.  

I - Interesting.  I love learning more and more about her everyday.  There is nothing boring about Kelly.  We always have a great time together because she has many interests and hobbies. Her facial expressions are hilarious.             

N - Nurse of the Year.  Phenomenal at her job.  No doubt that all patients and their families remember the comforting, intelligent, and resourceful nurse Kelly.  So calm under pressure like when she astutely realized during a hectic resuscitation that the patients elevated potassium level was likely the cause of his heart problems.  It takes a special person to be a critical care nurse.   

G - Godly.  The light of Jesus shines through her in every area of her life.  Her commitment to service at church being the Next Steps Director is honorable.  I love hearing stories of all her experiences mentoring women from small groups and making community a priority.  Some of our best dates have been discussing the Word and praying together.   

AMAZING.  The Lord was teaching me to wait and trust patiently for an AMAZING woman.  Early on I knew that she would be my wife.  Everybody I meet who knows Kelly tells me how lucky I am to be with her.  Thank you Lord!


Elliot is the man I have been waiting for my whole life. He made the long single season of my life worth it. I knew God would give me somebody who was beyond what I could even think to ask for. That’s Elliot.

He has the most kind and generous heart of any man I know. I knew I wanted him to become my boyfriend on our fifth date when he showed me the video of his trip to see his sponsor child in Nicaragua. As I watched the footage of Elliot and his sponsor child Jasson, I was blown away at the genuine love Elliot had for him. I looked over at Elliot and said to myself…I need to be with this man! There was no way I would leave his place that night without becoming his girlfriend. Good thing he asked me to be his girlfriend as soon as the video was over!

He is so patient and selfless. His patience makes him one of the few people who can actually calm me down when I am worked up, frustrated, or anxious. He never raises his voice. He calmly brings me back to reality and reminds me that God is the boss and He’s got this. When I'm overreacting and I expect that I will be in trouble with him, Elliot just laughs at me, hugs me, and tells me "You're so funny, I love you babe!"

He makes people better. I call him the pastor of his gym. Every time we work out together, multiple people come up and talk to us like Elliot is his/her best friend. He has clearly invested in these people who were once strangers. He’s encouraged them to be the best version of themselves and it’s obvious that they take his encouragement to heart. There are out of shape older men walking around that gym thinking they are the stars of the basketball court because Elliot makes them feel that way!

He’s a leader. I’m the kind of girl who will run the show if somebody else doesn’t push me out of the way and take the lead. Elliot is such a good leader that I don’t think I’ve ever believed I was in charge with him. I told my friends I was afraid he would stop dating me after our third date when my sass came out. He just laughed at me and said, “I can handle you.” That’s the kind of man I need. He makes me want to trust and respect him. He has a way of gently speaking the truth and providing logical solutions to overwhelming problems. I can finally relax because I’ve found the man I want to follow.

He doesn’t give up, ever. I knew I would be with him forever when he told me that he had run ten marathons and was choosing to run his eleventh. He is so determined that he would pay his way through college and med school, live in countless different states throughout his education and create new relationships wherever he went. He was so determined to date me that he scheduled our dates in the middle of the most intense rotation of intern year…the Harborview ER, nightshift!

He brings the fun to serious moments. It’s impossible to be bored with Elliot. He always has something funny or wild to say or do. He will shock me with his magic (literal magic) out of nowhere. He turns on my country music and dances like it’s the best jam he’s ever heard, even when he’s truly not into Country. He doesn’t care about awkward moments. In fact, bring them on, so that we can all have more fun.

He loves the Lord. He won’t settle for anything less than knowing and serving Jesus daily. He points me back to Jesus when I become impatient or discouraged. He prays for me and others like he knows the Lord will come through. He will be the only guy greeting and hosting at church over Fourth of July weekend. He prays for his patients and calls them on his own accord just to make sure they are doing okay.

The man is HOT. I get starstruck by him like I’m in high school and he’s the star of the football team. He’s got swag like I’ve always wanted. He’s intelligent and professional but so cool all at the same time! He’s perfect for me in every way and I love him with all my heart.  


We met online! Well, we chose each other online. But really, we met outside of Whole Foods. He gave me the biggest hug and we walked and talked all the way to Green Lake. He’s a doctor and I’m a nurse and we had so much fun sharing stories. I felt like we could really connect in every area.

He showed me a magic trick and gave me some Macadamia nuts from Hawaii. I took them home and kept them because I knew I would want to save them forever…because they were from my first date with Elliot Twiggs! After our first date, he walked me to my car. As soon as I got in my car I called my mom and my friends and squealed like a crazy person telling them “I LOVE HIM!”

I had never been that impressed with a man before. We went for a bike ride and to Italian food on our next date. He listened to my stories of my difficult workweek and we laughed together about all the militant bicyclists who didn’t want to share the trail with us. I knew he was a keeper when he took me to my least favorite place ever on our third date. He took me to see an action movie at the movie theater! He kissed me in front of the water fountain outside afterwards. I had planned to kiss only when he was my official boyfriend. I didn’t get my way at all during that third date. Yet, when I went home, I couldn’t get him off my mind and I was so excited to see him again.

For the fourth date, he came to visit my church and met my church family. He endured interrogations from my pastors and friends like it was no big deal. Then he told me that I am the one he has been waiting for all this time. We didn’t make it past the fifth date before we became an official couple. We just knew that we belonged together by then. So, on his couch after we ate pho and watched his traveling videos, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES! Then he kissed me again and told me “NOW THAT’S A GIRLFRIEND KISS!”

He asked me how long people in my friend circle date before getting engaged because he was renewing his lease and wanted me to know that he wasn’t dating me just to date. I laughed and told him the shortest timeframe I thought I could get away with, because I had a good feeling about this man. Within a few weeks, I was shopping for engagement rings and making my guest list. He was a man on a mission and I was the girl for him.

We always tell each other that we aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other. I know we both wholeheartedly believe that. 


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Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our Wedding

Sunday • April 24th, 2016
5:00 p.m.


Ceremony & Reception

Lord Hill Farms
1525 Old Snohomish Monroe Rd
Snohomish, WA, 98290 United States


Please RSVP by March 15, 2016


Hotel rooms are booked for our out of town guests at a special rate!

Both hotels are about 20-25 minutes away from the venue.
Make sure to mention that you'd like the group rate for the "Ashton/Twiggs" wedding.
Rooms are reserved for Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 24th.

Reservations must be made before April 2nd

Holiday Inn Express -- Bothell
22922 15th Ave SE
Bothell, WA, 98021 United States

Hilton Garden Inn -- Bothell
22600 Bothell Everett Highway
Bothell, WA, 98021 United States


Wedding Registry

Wedding Registry

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