I never imagined growing up that I would love photography as much as I do today.  It's true that in this day in age, anyone with a DSLR or even an iPhone can consider themself a photographer.  

What sets people apart I believe is the ability to feel the moment which resonates with their own feelings and to then have the skill to capture it in a way that speaks beauty.

The skill can be learned over time but the soulfulness of feeling the moment comes from within which cannot be taught. 

I believe that when you see a special moment unfold, it will give you a deeper sense of feeling that touches your soul.  

This is how I photograph and that is the reason why I fall in love each time I shoot.

Aside from photography I proudly serve my country on active duty in the Navy.

I'm often asked how I came up with the name Haze Gray Pixels.  Well, haze gray is a paint color scheme used by US Navy warships and  there is a term "Haze gray and Underway" which is a saying that refers to surface ships in arduous duty at sea.  It's a term of tribal pride and identification.  

As a Sailor, it's engrained in me to never forget where I came from and it is important for me to honor this with something that I am passionate about.

Any opportunity to shoot is a blessing and all the glory goes to God above for I am forever grateful to him for blessing me with a family who continues to love and support me through my journey.  

Ultimately, my goal is to capture moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.  

I'm a firm believer that things in life happen for a reason and it's our goal to find that reason, our purpose in life you might say.  

In my heart, I have found that through the power of photography and if you have the same love and appreciation for this beautiful art form, and believe in preserving your moments then we could be a perfect match.