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Julie & Ryan Engagement - Original Collection-183.jpg

Ryan + Julie


Ryan + Julie

Photography by Ro Ducay

When I met Ryan...

…I wanted to kick him because he irritated me so much.  He constantly made fun of me and had a sense of humor I couldn’t quite understand. We didn’t have anything in common and I concluded Ryan just wasn’t my type.

 Then I met MY Ryan.

 When it happened I didn’t hear harp-playing angels nor did I feel crazy butterflies in my stomach.  It was different from those overdramatized falling in love moments in Korean movies. It was better, it was real. Ryan somehow got into my head, and in the process affected everything else.  And of course, everything else eventually snowballed into this mysterious thing called love.  Ryan will never be my type, he is too different to fall into the same category with my past relationships that didn’t work out.  He is MY Ryan and for the rest of my life I can look forward to earning every stretch mark, wrinkle and white hair as we create our own happily ever after. 


 I was a typical guy moving to Seattle to find their way in the world.  After spending 5 years in the military and going back to finish college, I was ready to see what life outside of Bremerton was about. 

 Getting to know Julie was very interesting, because it seemed as if we didn't get along very well at first.  However, spending time together in our youth group program at church I was able to get to know her better.  I have never met a more loving and caring person such as herself.  She works with children, so I know that she will be a "supermom" in the future.  I am truly blessed to have found such a beautiful woman to spend my life with.

RYan & Julie's TIMELINE

Summer 2012

Ryan and Julie don’t have an official anniversary date.  They can’t even tell you when they first saw one another or when “like” turned to “love.” But amid all the uncertainties surrounding their relationship, they were always certain about each other.

Winter 2014 –

The Seahawks got their Super Bowl ring … Julie got her engagement ring.

Fall 2015 –

Ryan and Julie will have an official date to celebrate – October 9th. 

Julie & Ryan Engagement - Original Collection-26.jpg

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our Wedding

Friday • October 9th, 2015
11 a.m.



Iglesia Ni Cristo
10410 SE 216th St
Kent, WA 98031



Pickering Barn
1730 10th Ave NW
Issaquah, WA 98027

Julie & Ryan - Wedding - Original-341.jpg

Our Wedding Party

Our Wedding Party

the Wedding Party


Caseylie Carrasco - Matron of Honor
Ashley Miguel - Maid of Honor

     Julie loves her friends like she loves her make up.  The ones she favors most highlight her best features, they withstand tears of joy and of pain, and most especially, are dependable when life gets hectic.  Casey and Ashley are those must haves – the neutral palette, the waterproof mascara and the “my lips but better” lipstick.  Even when they get old and are past their prime, Julie will always know where to find them. 

Lailani Valdez - Bridesmaid

     Lani has a can-do attitude and her positivity is contagious.  She brings laughter and happiness everywhere she goes – which is why she will probably be the designated bridesmaid to handle Julie during her Bridezilla moments. 

Brittany Jesse - Bridesmaid

     Brittany is Ryan’s beloved sister who he cherishes and adores.  Although he was surrounded by cousins growing up, it wasn't until Brittany was born that he truly felt blessed with a sibling.  To Ryan, his sister is the jewel of his family that he feels responsible of forever looking out for and to be protective over.

Janelle Brillante - Bridesmaid

     Janelle is like Ryan’s other sister.  She puts up with his laziness, entertains all of his ideas, and when she gives advice she is never afraid to tell him like it is.  Janelle has been busy with several weddings and she has the bridesmaid and MOH dresses to prove it.  Julie and Ryan are more than grateful Janelle is willing to add their yellow dress to her collection. 

Claridel Manalo - Coordinator

     Claridel is Superwoman.  She is the extra set of eyes to clarify Julie’s wedding vision and the extra set of hands to put it all into place.  She knows how to juggle her own busy life with Julie’s never ending wedding “To Do” lists, and she does a fabulous job making Julie’s slightly obsessive compulsive behaviors seem normal. Told you she was superwoman.

Jonathan Ray Brillante - Best Man

     Ryan's cousin Jon is the eldest of his generation of cousins from his mother's bloodline.  Growing up together, Jon has naturally been considered a brother to him and somebody that he has looked up to since childhood.  Since at a very young age has Jon and Ryan shared the affinity for sports, which still today plays a large part in both their lives.  It means the world to Ryan to have Jon by his side when he’s waiting for Julie at the alter.

John Christopher Montemayor - Groomsman

     Jay is another of Ryan's cousins that he grew up with and considers a brother of his.  Some of the memories that Ryan shares with Jay include walking to school from grandma's house and playing video games all night long.  Ryan can't wait for their future offspring to grow up together as well.

Rommel Valdez - Groomsman

     Rommel is Julie’s favorite older brother - even though he’s the one who made up the name, “Julie Poolie Pile of Dookie,” and who had her believing for years she was adopted from a Chinese family.  But aside from those regular brotherly duties, Rommel has always been Julie’s biggest protector and supporter.  He intimidated the bullies at school, scared away the monsters in her room, and he always knew what to do to make Julie feel better.  If Julie had more than one brother, Rommel would still be her favorite. 

Neil Secondez - Groomsman

     Neil is an old friend with close family ties since childhood.  With both of their families being part of the pioneers of the Locale of Bremerton, they grew up together and still good friends to this date.  Having Neil in his wedding party is a testament of their friendship and pays homage to the ties and bonds of their families. 

Brian Rulloda - Groomsman

     Although Ryan has only known Bron for a few years, he has proven to always be there as a friend.  He always seems to put others first before himself, which is a sign of a good man.  Ryan is very happy to have him in his corner.


Ronald & Diana Depano
Nick & Cherry Baluca
Murray Brillante & Nellie Tate
Ed & Lily Bayhonan
Jose & Gemma Montemayor
Manny & Cynthia Vasquez
Herr & Evelyn Magpayo
James & Christilyn McCallister


Pastor Palacios II


Alexa Nicole McCallister
Madison Kate Valdez


James Douglas McCallister

Julie & Ryan - Wedding - Original-707-1.jpg

Thank You

Thank You

We are sincerely grateful for everybody who celebrated with us on our special day.  Your presence meant everything to us - especially on a Friday morning, busy traffic with Obama in town, and with the wedding entourage running 15 minutes late! Thank you for the love, laughter and memories. 

To our friends and family who stuck by us throughout the planning process, we are amazed that you put up with us that long. Your patience and support is what made Mr. & Mrs. Lucero possible.

You all truly made our day one to remember.

With Love,
Mr. & Mrs. Lucero

Video courtesy of Caravel Weddings